Brian O’Dwyer to Present at EduCon Asia

SINGAPORE — Brian O’Dwyer, commercial founder of CognaLearn, will be presenting on the 19th of October at the EduCon Asia Flipped MOOC conference. He will be talking about his use of Duke-NUS team-based learning methods to implement a flipped classroom model at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia, where he is an Adjunct Professor.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is the oldest and largest aeronautical university in the world. Mr O’Dwyer is a first time faculty at their Singapore campus, and was initially required to teach using Embry-Riddle’s standardized course content.

However, he identified two concerns with this approach. Firstly, the course content was designed for American students, and employed a large amount of material specific to the US aviation industry. He contended that, “Asian relevance is critical, because in the next eleven years Asian air traffic will double.” Secondly, Mr O’Dwyer knew a certain secret of the education sector: for several years, numerous studies had conclusively proven the ineffectiveness of traditional lecture based teaching.

At EduCon, Brian will reveal how he dramatically improved learning outcomes for his students using Duke-NUS’s flipped classroom model, which had already seen outstanding success in Singaporean students assimilating course content with 70% less professor time. Furthermore, he will explain the core components of the pedagogy, and how he tailored it to fit the particular challenges presented by the course that he taught at Embry-Riddle.

About CognaLearn

CognaLearn is an education company that applies brain science to improve learning outcomes for students. It will employ InteLearn™, a Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School patent-pending learning methodology, across a number of products to be launched in the coming year.

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About Brian O’Dwyer

Mr O’Dwyer is currently Entrepreneur in Residence at Duke-NUS’s Center for Technology and Development. He holds an MBA from Duke and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Columbia. He has worked previously with Skywest Airlines as CFO, and as an investment banker for Credit Suisse in New York, Chicago and Singapore.