CognaLearn Launches Official Website

SINGAPORE — The education sector is a US$5 trillion market that is ripe for change. In the United States, it currently sees a cost growth at twice the rate of inflation. The propagation of low cost content, resulting from cheap technology, has placed the industry in the midst of revolution. A third of all higher learning in the United States now takes place online, and massive online open enrolment courses (MOOCs) are becoming increasingly common.

Despite the prevalence of online learning nowadays, nearly all currently available platforms attempt to exploit the proliferation of cutting-edge consumer technology using old-fashioned teaching methods that are now long outdated. For several years, numerous research studies had all reached one common conclusion: that conventional material transmission methods are worryingly ineffective, and liable for causing students to retain only a shockingly small percentage of taught concepts.

CognaLearn is a pioneering education company that seeks to correct this, by applying the findings of modern brain science to improve learning outcomes for students. It will employ InteLearn™, a Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School patent-pending learning methodology, across a number of products to be launched in the coming year. On the 1st of October, the brand launches its official website,, which is to include further details about the InteLearn™ methodology, its founding team, as well as products in the development pipeline.

About Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School

The Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School was established in 2005 as a partnership between Duke University School of Medicine and the National University of Singapore. It offers four year MD (Doctor of Medicine) program to graduate students, and implements an innovative flipped classroom model across its courses.