Meet the Team

We celebrate all successes, big and small alike, and have a curious appetite for trial and error when manoeuvring on uncharted ground! 

From an 'AHA' lightbulb moment between the two co-founders, Brian O'Dwyer and Robert Kamei that prompted the inception of Cognalearn in 2015, it has since grown from a 'two-men show' to a 10-persons lean and mean team. 

Devoted to improving the learning outcomes for one-million learners by 2025 with the application of cognitive science to education technology, our multicultural and talented team hails from diverse backgrounds, including people who have led MNCs, sold businesses for multi-million dollars, built software for libraries, is a two-times Malaysian book of record holder, pro gamers, and marathon enthusiasts. Each of us possesses different, yet complementary skill sets to propel the company towards success.

We care and emphasize a lot on inclusivity and collaboration. More importantly, we value talents who demonstrate resilience and versatility in a dynamic startup environment. Collaborators with a doer's attitude and are excited about wearing multiple hats at the same time are most welcome! Finally (and quite possibily uniquely to us) our employees who have an Irish palate get to 'work' from the bar on Saint Patrick’s Day!


Don't we sound like the dream team you have been wishing for? Click here for more details on how to join us!