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We believe in empowering education and that our products and services enable educators to teach more effectively, improve learning outcomes, and lower the workforce skills gap. Educators across the world are at different levels in the digital education adoption curve. We meet them and help them wherever they are in their digital adoption journey. We offer both digital and print software and faculty professional development.

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All-in-one Team-Based Learning Platform

Streamline the flow of your team-based learning classes. Save time by automating grading. Optimize your students' learning by getting access to real-time student performance data for quick intervention.

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Faculty Development

Learn. Experience. Network.

Learn about the essentials of Team-based Learning through our interactive faculty development workshops and webinars. Network with educators, instructional designers, pedagogy advisors and TBL practitioners across the world.

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IF-AT Forms

Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique

The Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique, also known as the IF-AT, is an exciting testing system that transforms traditional multiple-choice testing into an interactive learning opportunity for students and a more informative assessment opportunity for educators.