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FORM B: 50-Question 4-Choice
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The IF-AT can be ordered in lengths of 10, 25, or 50 questions with four or five answer choices. The answers are pre-populated and the instructor will receive four answer keys for each order. You can either use the same answer key for the whole class or you can mix cards from different bundles, thus providing different versions of an assessment to reduce the cheating risk.

If you are particular about the answer keys, please check with us before you place your order.

The answer keys will be sent to the email address listed in the order. We are unable to share the answer keys or the details of the order with a person writing in from a different email address. This step is taken to protect our customers’ data. If the order is placed on behalf of a colleague or an institution, please forward the answer keys or the details of the order to the relevant person.

To ensure successful delivery, please provide a complete address. Missing building number or suite number will result in a non-delivery. We are also unable to deliver to a PO box
Order cut-off: Orders placed by Thursday 10 pm (Singapore time) will be processed the following Tuesday. Orders will begin delivery on Thursday, and it will take three to 10 business days for the orders to be delivered. 
Refund policy: Once the order is shipped, we are unable to refund the purchase. A $12 administration fee will apply for each refunded order.
Quality Guarantee: The IF-AT forms are good for 12 months from the date of delivery. The IF-AT forms must be kept out of UV light and away from the heat in order to maximize their shelf life.