Founder's Financial Analyst - Intern

Full-time | Location: Singapore

CognaLearn was founded to transform education by helping educators replace lectures with Team-Based Learning. Our award winning online team-based learning platform has been used by professors at institutions globally to deliver engaging collaborative learning experiences that develop the problem solving skills essential to succeed in the workforce.

 Six years after founding, we have validated our product, need and business by delivering the world’s best and mostly widely used all-in-one online Team-Based Learning platform. We continue to grow rapidly and are now working to scale our impact.

We are looking for a Founder's Financial Analyst - Intern who will be based at our global headquarters in Singapore to help our Founder with all aspects of the business from January to June 2023. We will start accepting application from 01 September 2022.

What You Will be Doing

Part management consulting and part investment banking analyst role combined in a startup without the long hours and high stress. Work directly with our founder (former management consultant, investment banker and CFO) to manage the business aspects of CognaLearn. A wonderful way to get a broad startup experience. Areas include:

  • Capital raising: Investor due diligence, meetings and pitch decks
  • Investor relations: Monthly investor updates and metrics tracking
  • Financial modeling: Update financial models and metric
What You Should Have
  • Organization: Attention to detail across multiple items
  • Efficiency: Process creation and improvement
  • Versatility: Switch between different things and adapt to new things
  • Results: Success and outcome orientation
  • Communication. Effective written and oral communicator
We believe that teams with diverse and complementary skills perform best and continue seek to broaden the diversity and capabilities of our team. Our Great Place to Work Culture is based on having our team enjoy what they are doing, who they are doing it with and being fairly rewarded.  

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CognaLearn was founded to transform education by helping educators replace.