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Marketing Analytics Intern

CognaLearn was founded to transform education by helping educators replace lectures with Team-Based.

Business Analyst Intern

CognaLearn was founded to help educators replace lectures with Team-Based Learning. Our award.

Founder's Financial Analyst Intern

CognaLearn was founded to transform education by helping educators replace lectures with Team-Based.

Marketing Intern

CognaLearn was founded to transform education by helping educators replace lectures with Team-Based.
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About Us

CognaLearn is a leading education technology company that helps educators transition from traditional lecture to team-based learning pedagogy using our TBL platform, InteDashboard. Over hundred higher education institutions all over the world use our TBL platform to streamline their classes and optimize students learning ourcomes. It’s our mission to help educators implement TBL pedagogy effectively and to improve students learning outcomes. That’s how we will be able to transform education by making students workforce ready.

Our Values



We believe in what we do


We believe we work best when we work together


We solve problems creatively


Learning is at the heart of what we do for our team and others


We are willing and able to do different things


We will do the right thing for our team, educators and learners
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Our Team

CognaLearn is on a mission to help educators and students drive better learning outcomes. We build the platforms that empowers educators to transform the way they teach their students. We’re also building a company culture that empowers people to do their best work through our core values of flexibility, autonomy, and belonging. We value a diverse team of complementary skills which is core to our mission of team-based learning. Our team is balanced in gender, represent four countries, and speaks seven languages.

We celebrate all successes, big and small alike, and have a curious appetite for trial and error when manoeuvring on uncharted ground! 

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At CognaLearn, you are given a chance to make a direct impact at an early growth acceleration stage. See your efforts come into fruition as we make education better every day!

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We Empower Our Team Members

We trust our employees to get things done. Come join us in our motivated work environment.

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Get Experience In The Global Market

We work with customers from all around the world. You will be able to build a deeper cultural understanding with our
globally diversified and customers.

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Our Hiring Process

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Our Remote Team

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What an average day at CognaLearn is like

Challenges I overcame at work

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Challenges I overcame at work

One of things I truly enjoy about being part of CognaLearn is working on the code itself. As we cater to different educational institutions with a variety of requirements and specifications, there is always a new puzzle waiting to be solved. I love finding creative ways to materialise what our clients need from our software, and many times these instances also allow me to think deeply on possible outcomes and events, experimenting on ever-changing technology to see what works best.

There is freedom to explore and try new things, as CognaLearn has fostered an environment that gives the team confidence in learning from missteps and being better armed with insight to increase the chance for success. This nurturing energy extends out of the physical office as we have worked from home for the past couple of years – quite an adjustment for many. Fortunately, I feel that the type of work we do is uniquely suited for such a setup – home or office, we find ways to adjust, as many in our team have been working remotely even before the pandemic hit.

In the height of the COVID-19 situation, we received support from CognaLearn for our WFH setup, which helped to make sure we had a comfortable working environment at home. We have systems that allow us to have meaningful communication with our colleagues from all over the world, solving problems and celebrating success together on and offline. I have benefitted much from these connections - as a team we all have perspectives unique to our milieu and having access to this expands my own understanding and capabilities. As we move towards the reopening Singapore and we ready for the option to return to the office, I take these learnings with me, and look forward to more collaborative encounters with my colleagues as we solve evolving puzzles in the future of education.

Cyrod John Florida DomingoSenior Software Developer Engineer

My advice

My advice

My advice

Don’t settle for the mediocre just to avoid stepping out of your comfort zone; it’s too big a price to pay. Your challenges and risk experiences are cumulative. Every time you try something new, and allow yourself to be open to whatever experience arises, you are learning, and expanding your repertoire of life skills and self-knowledge. As you do this you also expand the size of your comfort zone.

Leaving your comfort zone ultimately helps you to deal with change—and making change in a much better way. Life transitions are all about change. Each time you transition you move to another level. Inevitably, these life transitions transform you.

Lastly, don’t push yourself too hard! It’s ok to make mistakes or make wrong decisions as long as you are aware what’s right and what’s wrong, and then learn how to be a better version of yourself. Never forget to reward yourself, celebrate and appreciate the little things in life. Live life as if it’s your last day every day!

 Jolene Seet, Product Designer

My experience of working in an EdTech company

My experience of working in an EdTech company

My experience of working in an EdTech company

Having been in an educational role previously, coming into EdTech has provided me with insights into how technology used in conjunction with Team Based Learning can be used to transform traditional classroom dynamics. Both were somewhat new concepts to me and jointly helped me understand how to apply education frameworks to reach a diversity of learner profiles and encourage more self-directed learning as opposed to top-down instruction from a single source. The age-old structure for learning: theory followed by practical, is preserved yet allows room for pedagogy to evolve with the complex and sophisticated perspectives of today’s learners. Being part of a team dedicated to bringing this to classrooms all over the world is an exciting place to be.

Technology now has its roots reaching into every aspect of our lives, and education is no different. My role gives me an opportunity to apply my experience working with persons with disabilities to ensuring no student is left out in their pursuit of education when using our product. Similarly, the ways instructors choose to teach can be as universal as the human race itself, our tool needs to cater for this and be as accessible as possible. Just as technology is a vehicle for our everyday tasks, InteDashboard aims to be a tool for transporting students from learning destination to destination smoothly with minimal detours and pit stops.

Our product team is a reflection of the best practices in TBL - we share a common vision of building a better and well-oiled machine, while respecting what each member uniquely brings to the table as well as encouraging open sharing and discussion. We know that the journey matters more if not as much as the destination, and that there may be more than one means to an end. While we strive to bring our product to greater heights, we prioritize ‘heart work’ over ‘hard work’.

Janice Tay, Accessibility Specialist

A day in my life at work

A day in my life at work

A day in my life at work

As a Customer Advisor, I work with my team to make sure that we continuously make our customers happy. We come up with different strategies that would increase our efficiency in delivering world-class customer support.

We have a small team, and some are working in a remote set-up. Hence, communication, accountability, and adaptability are crucial. The job comes with challenges, but I’m grateful for a great support team that keeps everything balanced and fun.

Let me take you through a typical day that I get as a Customer Advisor.

As a Philippines-based remote employee handling US hours, my day usually starts around 4 PM. Upon waking up, I share a devotional study with my wife. This keeps me balanced throughout the day. After an hour, I prepare myself, tidy up, then get a meal to enjoy while doing some catching up. Then I’d go over either some sports news then I’d take a nap for an hour or two before I officially start my shift.

Around 11 PM, I’d be checking the team calendar and my email for updates. Then I’d go to Slack to make sure that I don’t miss anything that I need to know.

At least once a week, I’d go on Zoom with my manager, mainly for feedback, training, and coaching. For my part, this is usually done at the start of my shift, lasting for about an hour or two. After the call, I simply go over the tickets I received, or update existing ones. Then I’d take a quick break and grab a quick snack after a couple of hours.

Each shift is unique. At times, besides ticketing, I may be doing an onboarding (usually a 2-hour call) or a check-in session (as short as 30 minutes) with our customers. After each call, I make sure that the logs are relevant, complete, and accurate so it becomes useful for the next person who may be interacting with that customer. Other times I may be submitting bug and incident reports to our programmers, or feature requests to the design team. There may also be periods when I just go over the product and do some testing especially when new patches are released. Our Marketing also hold workshops or training sessions at least once a month, so I get to observe, and sometimes, even help facilitate in those as well.

Lastly, I attend the team weekly huddle. This is key as we check our stats, go over some planning, or simply catch up. As of writing, the huddle is done Thursday mornings just as I am about to end my shift, but we expect that this would change anytime soon to accommodate other schedules and time zones.

After my shift, I’d grab some food, lounge in bed, probably watch some basketball or Netflix until I get to sleep. Rinse and repeat. And that’s what a typical day would look like for me.

RT Valderrama, Customer Success Advisor




Working in an Ed-Tech company has been an eye-opening experience for me. With the guidance from my supervisor, I was able to explore various HR functions and learn beyond surface level. I was given a chance to take charge of Training & Development matters, I am immensely thankful because this experience and exposure have allowed me to apply what I have learnt theoretically into practice.  Bonus about working in CognaLearn is its amazing work culture! Everyone is always willing to go the extra mile to help others, it’s like a family here.
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Koh Wei Kiat

Founder’s HR Analyst, Intern

The best thing about working here at CognaLearn is the culture that the team has cultivated. My colleagues are very friendly and encouraging, making it easy for me to adjust to the environment quickly. As a junior in my team, I am always encouraged to voice my opinion during discussions and the team makes it very clear that my opinion is valued and appreciated. I am also entrusted to work on my tasks independently which allows me to learn more and improve a lot faster.

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Ella Ng

Event Marketing Executive

Working directly under Brian O’Dwyer and with the team of CognaLearn was truly an invaluable experience that provided me broad exposure to capital raising, management reporting, sales processes, business strategy, and start-up day-to-day operations. There was not a single day in my 24 weeks, that I felt unappreciated or dreaded going to work. The working environment and culture of CognaLearn can be summarized as collaborative and flexible. I am immensely grateful and lookup to Brian for being such an understanding and caring boss, mentor, and father, it was a great joy to work alongside the team for the past 6 months.

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Charlton Koh

Founder’s Financial Analyst, Intern